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Crossdressing Wedding Stories – Crossdressing tart Kim dressed as a slutty victorian madame.

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

6afd3c2881cf Crossdressing Wedding Stories   Crossdressing tart Kim dressed as a slutty victorian madame.

004 400 Crossdressing Wedding Stories   Crossdressing tart Kim dressed as a slutty victorian madame.

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I really enjoy dressing up as sultry Victorian Madame, the clothes really make me look like an elegant transvestite fuck toy. With big wigs and long frilly dresses, i feel like the sexiest tgirl wench in the world and i just adore lounging around like i’m the lady of the manor. My transvestite friend had expressed interest in my same fetish so we got some really horny outfits together for a little playtime.

We lounged around on my large bed, dressed to the toes as tgirl Madames, rubbing our hands over each others fluffy and frilly dresses. Admiring each other constantly as we gazed into each others beautiful tgirl eyes. We exchange a few soft kisses but as we were both the Lady of the Manor today, we had to get in some help to satisfy our transvestite urges. Now where’s my butler?

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4f6af65348db Crossdressing Wedding Stories   Crossdressing tart Kim dressed as a slutty victorian madame.


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Forced Crossdressing Wedding Stories – Nylon Bitch Yvette wearing gorgeous black stockings and getting her cock sucked.

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

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f7a066183c89 Forced Crossdressing Wedding Stories   Nylon Bitch Yvette wearing gorgeous black stockings and getting her cock sucked.


117bea0b9b43 Forced Crossdressing Wedding Stories   Nylon Bitch Yvette wearing gorgeous black stockings and getting her cock sucked.

008 400 Forced Crossdressing Wedding Stories   Nylon Bitch Yvette wearing gorgeous black stockings and getting her cock sucked.

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I hadn’t had my stiff crossdresser shaft sucked for a long time so earlier i decided to do something about it and take some pictures for when i get lonely. I guy in my local bar had been making eyes at me for some time but i always brushed him off. That’ didn’t stop me going home and WANKING at the thought of him sucking my crossdresser rod though, i just like to tease my victims before i let them bow down before me.

Well today was no exception, the moment i walked in his eyes locked onto my hot crossdresser body and i knew right away he would do anything i forced him to do. I’ll be his crossdresser mistress and he’ll just be a mouth to put my hard transvestite member in. I’m dominant with all my boys and i let them know who’s the boss. Right away i let my potential fuck toy know what was going to happen and it wasn’t long before he was in my living room, licking the dirt off of my sexy high heels.

After watching his eager tongue rub all over my heels, i pulled my crossdresser cock out from my horny lingerie and stroked it infront of him. I slowly placed my hand on the back of his head and grabbed his hair firm. Forcing my crossdresser shaft deep inside his mouth. This little fuck toy was getting mouth fucked until i explode. If he’s very thankful, i’ll return the favour after.

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